Furnace Summer Internship 2014
The Furnace Internship is a self-study program for those who want to dive deeper into life with Jesus.

This page contains all the info and materials for the Internship.  Some people are interested in getting
into the material, but don't feel able to commit to the "full internship", so here it is, buffet style -- help
your self! :)  Any questions regarding this material may directed to Jessie Still (jessiestill@gmail.com).

General Forms/Documents:

Internship Overview

Internship Application & Commit Form


Devotional & Bible Study Resources

Internship Chat Forum
(this will be an important place for group interaction and assignments!)

Internship Facebook Group
(this is for more general interaction and communication)

Projects & Assignments

Disciples' Prayer - Devotional Project

Internship Introduction and First Assignments

Internship Study Curriculum
(the "classes" and assignments)

Internship Curriculum - Block I