here are some resources to help you, as you seek to develop a life of prayer!
Prayer Life Resources
The following are documents you can download/print

How to Develop a Strong Prayer Life
Time Planning Sheet (PDF)
Time Planning Sheet (Excel Doc)
"F-E-L-L-O-W-S-H-I-P"- A Prayer List to Strengthen Your Inner Man

Bible Study Resources
The following are documents you can download/print

Encountering God Through the Word
Bible Study Action Plan
Bible Reading Plan
Bible Reading Plan 2
Bible Reading Plan 3
30 Days with Jesus Reading Plan
30 Days Reading Psalms

Fasting Resources
The following are documents you can download/print

Personal Fasting Guide
Practical Guidelines for Fasting
Rewards of Fasting (free e-book download)
7 Types of Biblical Fasts

Recommended Reading
These are some books you should find and read to grow in your understanding of the power of prayer to change campuses -- and the world!

"God on Campus"- By Trent Sheppard
"Shaping History through Fasting & Prayer"- By Derek Prince
"The Purple Pig [and other miracles]"- By Dick Eastman

Audio Messages
The following are linked to audio files. I recommend you right-click and save these files, rather than listen to them directly.

Furnace Vision-Mission
Contending for a Sending
You Are God's House
Christ's Inheritance
The Holy Call

A Devotional Study of the book of Revelation
These were blog posts written for my church as we went through a 21-day season of fasting and prayer, and studied the book of Revelation. The goal was to find meaning in each chapter. It is not an in-depth examination of every detail of the book.

4 Things You Must Understand about this Book
Revelation 1- What's Going On Here?
Revelation 2- How to Stand in the End
Revelation 3- Better than Gold
Revelation 4- We Must Be Stunned
Revelation 5- the Plot Thickens
Revelation 6- Who Can Stand?
Revelation 7- Sealed
Revelation 8- Let Your Kingdom Come
Revelation 9- The Least Severe; the Deepest Love
Revelation 10- Eat the Scroll
Revelation 11- Here Comes the Kingdom
Revelation 12- We Will Overcome
Revelation 13- Clash of Kingdoms
Revelation 14- Fear God and Give Him Glory
Revelation 15- Great and Marvelous are Your Deeds
Revelation 16- Just and True are Your Judgments
Revelation 17- Babylon the Great
Revelation 18- Taking Down Babylon
Revelation 19- Hallelujah!
Revelation 20- Heaven on Earth
Revelation 21- All Things New
Revelation 22- "I Am Coming Soon!"
Holy Spirit Seminar- 2016  Session Audio & Notes
Winter 2016 Study: "Lord, Teach Us to Pray"
The Power of a Focused Life Seminar
Follow the link to hear the audio from each session