Give to the Prayer Room at MSU!

We are very excited that the the Lord has established a location set aside solely for lifting up
the Name of Jesus in worship, and interceding for our campus/community -- fueling a great

"The harvest is plentiful,
the workers are few--
THEREFORE PRAY to the Lord of harvest,
to SEND OUT laborers . . . "

We pray; the Lord will send; and a Great Harvest will be reaped!  

May Jesus receive all honor, glory and praise!


Let us know how you'd like to be involved by filling out the form to the right ---------->

By Mail:  Send cash or check made out to "Spirit of Christ Church" to:

The Furnace
8170 Coleman Rd
Haslett, MI 48840

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THANK YOU for funding our Prayer Room!

We are SO blessed to have those who feel called to give their time and energy to this
ministry full-time! They are supported by generous giving from people like YOU! If
you'd like to donate directly to them, use the links below:  

Justin Reid, Director

Benjamin Mercer, Staff
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