Prayer Meeting 101
Thinking about visiting a prayer meeting?  Been coming, but not sure how to connect?  
Here's your "crash-course" for sustainable, enjoyable prayer!

Tips for Sustained Intercession:

Don’t focus on the problem or the enemy, pray the solution and release the Holy Spirit.  Focusing on
the negative can become heavy and burdensome.  Example:  Don’t just pray against division, pray
for UNITY.

If a prayer request/focus has been brought up or prayed for, try to stay with that focus until you feel a
“release” that you are done before moving on to something else.  Praying a multitude of different
things all in a row can feel confusing and causes people to disengage.

You can’t go wrong!  The Word spells out God’s heart, so that we are never at a loss as to what we
ought to pray in any situation.  This way, we also are guaranteed that He will answer!  Why would He
disagree with Himself?

Pray to JESUS, not people
God knows the intimate details of every person and every situation.  Try to avoid “explaining”
everything in prayer.  This can lead to long prayers that cause others to disengage.  Prayer time is
also not the time to preach your thoughts to others.

When praying in a group, try to keep your prayers relatively short.  When one person prays for a
long time, it can cause others to disengage or to not enter into the prayer themselves.  Leave room
for others to pray as well.

This way we always prayer a perfect prayer (it’s the Spirit praying through you).  If you don’t know
what to pray, this is a great way to pray.  It builds up your spirit man and you’re also speaking
mysteries – it opens the supernatural realm  (I Corinthians 14:2-4).